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Saturday Update

I’m still ill laid up with flu but I’ve been working on some projects when I’m able. I should have complete rest but the ideas for the dark fantasy and other projects, which have been pending, keep me focused. It was my intent to post everyday unfortunately because of this past week that has not been possible.

As one of my re-blogged posts says, Don’t let your STORY PLOT become your BURIAL PLOT.

I intend for it not to be. I understand why established writers have someone to take care of their own websites. Ah, but for a helpful secretary.

I’ve been working on some content for A Writers Draft just to give you something else to read. I will not post substandard stories here or anywhere else and though the story I had in mind in almost ready I will wait until my head is fully clear before posting.

When you’re ill and the word writer becomes writher you know you’re in trouble. So for that reason when I’m fully fit I will post.

Be sure to check back here for that stories and more. Have a great weekend and thank you all for reading.


Thank You

To those who have enquired about my health I just wanted to say a big thank you.
I did intend on posting before now but have been ill with flu. I’m still recovering but will be back soon. Keep watcihing and once again thank you.

Any Answers?

One of the worries I have about blogging is what to publish. I mean an account of experiences in developing a novel is one thing that is an adventure I am enjoying. With this is the knowledge that I am a novice and therefore have many questions.

The only stupid question is one never asked. In other words there are no stupid questions. If you don’t ask then how are we to learn, by making mistakes and not repeating them? This isn’t for me. I prefer: learn from the mistakes of others which makes more sense to me at least.

Now, I don’t want to blindly do something which will have me regretting I did not ask a question or didn’t bother to research which is what I’ve been doing apart from writing and more writing.

I have found many articles of use to me and probably to other readers which I have re-blogged. It is fair to say that I am still looking for the definitive answer to a question which remains floating around the old noggin.

Some of the answers may be obvious and there I might find the answer. But as so much has changed in the publishing industry I need the help of an expert. It is clear and simple, I need the expertise of one who has been there, cued for hours, seen it a million times and got the director’s cut.

In short, I need help.

What are the pros and cons of publishing any work that belongs to me here on my blog?

How much original fiction do I post?

What are the pitfalls?

There are many more questions like this so it looks like I’m going to need an Idiots Guide.

If anyone out there can help I would sure be glad of any advice and hear of first hand experiences anyone may have about their own ventures in to blogging and publishing. I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there that might need it too.

Savvy Writers & e-Books online

Your website or blog content might be ruthlessly plagiarized by lazy web content writers who steal rather than create it.  For content theft, the first thing to do is to identify the offending party. This can be done for free through a manual search of extract of your content with Google Blog Search – By permitting searching exact phrases, post titles or author names, the advanced search feature on Google Blogs search enables finding other sites publishing one’s work.

There are also automated solutions available for a monthly fee:

CopyScape  –  A plagiarism detecting tool where you can enter your web address to find other sites that may be publishing your content. The free version can be used for manual check. The Premium versions enables checking specific content and the CopySentry tool will monitor the web regularly for newly published content.

Grammarly  – This tool combines checking your content…

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There articles here a perfect for those like me who are just taking their first steps into the publishing world.

Savvy Writers & e-Books online

You have worked hard – maybe for years – to write this magnificant book and now you want to publish it, always in the hope to become a bestseller author. Take your time now and do it the professional way, like a traditional publisher. There are several important steps to go, no matter if you create an e-book or a traditional paper book.

1. Let it edit, edit and edit some more – by professionals.
2. Find a superb title for your book.
3. Create a brilliant cover image.
4. Write a splendid description for your back cover including blurbs.
5. Hire a professional book designer (or formatter for your e-book)
6. Get lots of reviewers

If you ignore all other advices, don’t overlook this one: Hire professional copy AND content editors. Bad editing immediately mark you as an amateur and your book wouldn’t be taken seriously. Get…

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So You Thought Being a Writer Was Going To Be Easy?!

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