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February 22, 2012

There articles here a perfect for those like me who are just taking their first steps into the publishing world.

Savvy Writers & e-Books online

You have worked hard – maybe for years – to write this magnificant book and now you want to publish it, always in the hope to become a bestseller author. Take your time now and do it the professional way, like a traditional publisher. There are several important steps to go, no matter if you create an e-book or a traditional paper book.

1. Let it edit, edit and edit some more – by professionals.
2. Find a superb title for your book.
3. Create a brilliant cover image.
4. Write a splendid description for your back cover including blurbs.
5. Hire a professional book designer (or formatter for your e-book)
6. Get lots of reviewers

If you ignore all other advices, don’t overlook this one: Hire professional copy AND content editors. Bad editing immediately mark you as an amateur and your book wouldn’t be taken seriously. Get…

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