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Saturday Update

March 3, 2012

I’m still ill laid up with flu but I’ve been working on some projects when I’m able. I should have complete rest but the ideas for the dark fantasy and other projects, which have been pending, keep me focused. It was my intent to post everyday unfortunately because of this past week that has not been possible.

As one of my re-blogged posts says, Don’t let your STORY PLOT become your BURIAL PLOT.

I intend for it not to be. I understand why established writers have someone to take care of their own websites. Ah, but for a helpful secretary.

I’ve been working on some content for A Writers Draft just to give you something else to read. I will not post substandard stories here or anywhere else and though the story I had in mind in almost ready I will wait until my head is fully clear before posting.

When you’re ill and the word writer becomes writher you know you’re in trouble. So for that reason when I’m fully fit I will post.

Be sure to check back here for that stories and more. Have a great weekend and thank you all for reading.


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