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Any Answers?

February 22, 2012

One of the worries I have about blogging is what to publish. I mean an account of experiences in developing a novel is one thing that is an adventure I am enjoying. With this is the knowledge that I am a novice and therefore have many questions.

The only stupid question is one never asked. In other words there are no stupid questions. If you don’t ask then how are we to learn, by making mistakes and not repeating them? This isn’t for me. I prefer: learn from the mistakes of others which makes more sense to me at least.

Now, I don’t want to blindly do something which will have me regretting I did not ask a question or didn’t bother to research which is what I’ve been doing apart from writing and more writing.

I have found many articles of use to me and probably to other readers which I have re-blogged. It is fair to say that I am still looking for the definitive answer to a question which remains floating around the old noggin.

Some of the answers may be obvious and there I might find the answer. But as so much has changed in the publishing industry I need the help of an expert. It is clear and simple, I need the expertise of one who has been there, cued for hours, seen it a million times and got the director’s cut.

In short, I need help.

What are the pros and cons of publishing any work that belongs to me here on my blog?

How much original fiction do I post?

What are the pitfalls?

There are many more questions like this so it looks like I’m going to need an Idiots Guide.

If anyone out there can help I would sure be glad of any advice and hear of first hand experiences anyone may have about their own ventures in to blogging and publishing. I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there that might need it too.

  1. Merrill Ann Gonzales permalink

    Sean, I think your blog is very interesting, but is there some way that only the posts I respond to be followed. Otherwise my e-mail inbox is being filled up with each of your posts and I won’t have time to view them all in the depths they deserve. Each time you ask a question, it should be given time to be contemplated.
    Otherwise I will have to delete each of your posts until I have time to view your blog. With all the blogs I follow that could be more than I can fit in a day. I won’t be able to answer or even read them all if you post many posts in each day.

  2. Great questions! I’ll be anxious to see what you get back because I have been wondering the same things

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