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Brief Bio

My name is Sean Harper. For years I have enjoyed stories from reading the classic authors such as Dickens, RL Stevenson, Conan Doyle, HG Welles, Mark Twain, J RR Tolkien, and other too long to mention my love of stories grew.

 I would spend hours writing my own adventure, science fiction and fantasy stories. Sometimes I would imagine that they would appear in a publication just like Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.

When I was around nine years old I had for a Christmas gift my very first typewriter. I remember how professional I felt actually typing out stories.

I would write these stories on paper in pencil mostly and then when I completed the hand written version I would spend the rest of my time, usually to my parent’s annoyance, tapping away at the keys. Yes, in those days there were actual metal keys which you had to press downward in order for the type block to hit the ribbon…I know, ribbon.

Over the years I have written many stories. For me it was the craft of creating worlds and characters, also it kept me going through the harder times in my life.

I enjoy reading as well as writing and with this is attached a desire to become a published author. Something I had never thought about until recently.

So, I made the decision to do the very best I could to achieve that aim. But really what I enjoy is writing and even if I am never published…I will remain a writer.

I know it isn’t easy and I’m never flippant about the craft of writing and am always aware that there are thousands, perhaps even millions, of unpublished writers just like me out there.

Writing has always been a continuing theme throughout my life and it is still with me today. Now of course I use a computer but I still keep pencil and paper handy.

I have this year decided to follow my passion for words and see where it takes me. Hopefully I will become a published author such is my determination.

You have to be ready to be a writer especially now. I am ready, and this is where it all begins.

I am working on writing my first Dark Fantasy and hope to have this completed and published later this year.

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