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A Place to Write

February 21, 2012

I have a small office which looks rather like a spare room. It’s a comfortable enough place, it has to be, and here I let my imagination roam where it will. I think my brain even has its own passport to other lands which no-one has ever heard of.

I like to write best at night. It is quiet here most of the time in the day but at night it is especially so.

I don’t have a writing ritual as such but every day when I first begin my first two hours of writing I usually write some book titles down. These are all made up and some of them I might even use but they remain an exercise in getting the brain into that writing mode.

After this I will write whatever current project it is I’m writing. Perhaps I might even put on some suitable music just to create a more relaxed atmosphere. I find that this also helps when I’m in the early stages of a story.

Whether I’m using paper and ink or the computer I like to be comfortable and this means sitting on the sofa, legs stretched out and then I’m ready.

I won’t say I never forget to have a break but sometimes I do forget. I used to work in an office environment and they drilled us about having a fifteen minuet break out of every hour to rest our eyes!

But I do make sure to have rest. Sometimes, creativity just sparks at odd times. I’m sure every artist has these moments.

I have several pads and pens for just these moments. Although the mystery remains as to why it is I need a pen they go missing!

Sometimes when I’m having a coffee I wonder where other writers are and where they write, a café, a park, a library and so on. Writing can be a very solitary thing which if you’re anything like me is fine.  But for some, I think they might be out walking a pet or chatting to a neighbour.

Whatever the case, each one of us has their own method. My place to write is on a sofa in my room that is an office even if it does have a bed in the corner, peace and quiet and sometimes music Ideal.


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  1. I usually like to listen to new music when I’m writing. If I know the music, usually I start singing along to it and getting distracted, but with new music, it sits in the background a little and gives a nice new environment, too.

    Running is good for thinking, too, but sometimes I’ll get an idea and just want to write then and there. Then I might move from one idea to the next and lose a bit of it before I get back, but then, I think it does work most of the time. At least to keep you alert, refreshed…healthy body, healthy mind…?

    • Music and keeping active both help. To me they are tools to emply when trying to get into the atmosphere of what I’m writing. Not that I need much prompting but it just evokes that overall mood as you know.
      I’m the same excercise for me is good for clearing the mind.

      There are times when I do have longer stionts of writing. Sometimes the flow cannot or must not be interupt especially at crucial stages.
      Thankd for reading and stopping by. Let me know which kind of Famtasy you write I would be interested on your views on the genre.

  2. Wise permalink

    Good post! I’m still personally looking for “my place” where I can sit down in silence and write. School and other activities keep me constantly on the move and very busy, especially this final year. I do try my best to write something at least once a day in my journal, just to keep ideas flowing though and that’s usually at my desk in my room. Also write in class sometimes, though my professors wouldn’t like to know that I write poems where I should be writing class notes >_>

    • So long as you write something you’ll find that at whatever time frame you have where you can write you will have produced a completed first draft. Besides, writing something everyday means that your writers skill will be kept fresh.
      I know just how difficult it can be to write or do anything when faced with school work. I used to draw or write stories when I should have been paying attention in class.
      You seem to have a balance though. Good luck with your writing and please let me know how you’re getting on with your poems.
      Thank you for reading and stopping by.

  3. 15-minute breaks… I remember being nagged about those too. Then I look up and realise four hours have passed. I guess creativity doesn’t take a break.
    I also like writing to music and have specific soundtracks for my works in progress. I also put them on headphones and go running with them if I need a think.

    • Ah, yes the hours going by. I have lost track so many times when writing. Once I’m creating my worlds and chracters I’m lost to them.
      Running helps you think? It never did anything for my thinking! I have a routine I follow for excerxcise the time for that is marked out between writing sessions. I find it frees the mind a little to get away from writing for an hour or so. Like recharging.

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