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February 21, 2012


 Freij knew it was cold, but she did not feel it. She called it awareness. Lately this awareness had swelled to everything around her; to the wind, the fires from the Wrigg below the mountain, and even the heat from the far away moons. Then there was the tingling of electricity that ran through all living things and coursed into her. She did not think it was the metal of her body conducting it. It was something much more.

Freijgilten watched the horses far below. She sat on the edge of an obsidian spire that jutted up amongst the warped rocks and cliffs of this Wrigg valley. The pack of them glowed faintly purple and brown with this electricity. She had walked with them before and they had bowed to her. They could feel who she was, too, just as she could feel them with more than just the five…

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