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February 21, 2012

Pretty Road Press

Today we turned to the Microsoft Word templates on our server and tweaked another notice of bad news. The letter began, “This is the proverbial rejection letter.”

At least the rejected author submitted a rudimentary proposal. Kudos. More often we get inquiries from people who are thinking of writing a book, but shun the hard work of actually putting words on paper.

We’re accustomed to getting weaker book manuscripts and proposals because professional writers are aiming to make a living and want a contract with the Big Six. At Pretty Road Press, we’re not going to contribute much to an author’s mortgage because we specialize in print runs of a thousand copies to niche audiences.

But since we are good editors, we can help an amateur author turn a weak manuscript into a publishable book. We look at manuscripts agents would never touch – both fiction and non-fiction. We find flowers…

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