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The Trouble With Droubbles

February 19, 2012

When i logged on today I found that I had a like. This is much appreciated and surprising. I hope there will be more readers to my blog.

I posted a what is a called a Droubble (similar to a drabble) on the Writers site and I’m awaiting feedback.

For anyone that doesn’t know or even heard the term, it was knew to me until last week, a droublle is where you write a story on the subject of your choice in no more than two-hundred words.

It is slightly difficult because you have to do a beginning, middle and end, wrapping your story up in a concise manner.

Whereas a drabble uses one-hundred words, the droubble uses twice as many, hence the term droubble.

The reward for doing this is the practice you have in editing your own words. It is something as writers we have to do all the time and writing a drouble is an excellent way of honing this skill.

Try it for practice and see how you fair perhaps you could let me know.

  1. TheOthers1 permalink

    I’ve done 100 word drabbles and 300 word stories. I’m finding that using so few words require a large amount of self-discipline on my part. You can only put what’s important to conveying the message. It does teach excellent self-editing.

    • Yes it certainly does. I’ve never done the 100 word drabbles…they sound very hard. You’re right it takes a lot of self-discipline, for me too.
      Self editing is a skill that can be tough and rewarding in its own way too. Well, seeing as editing for writers is a given and we don’t have much choice in the matter, it doesn’t hurt to do a drouble or two.

      Thank you for reading and the like.

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