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Ideas in the Morning

February 19, 2012

The net connection wasn’t brilliant through the early hours, it had slowed, and while I was doing the usual work and basically finding my way around an idea for my dark fantasy entered my head.

I wrote this section of an idea I had and while I was editing the piece, the net now totally forgotten, I wondered if I might post it to the cafe for feed back.

I’ve not submitted anything for feed back before aside from the droubble. The droubble was for practice you see and I thought i would submit it for feed back because I wondered if the story would warrant an extension to a short but more detailed version.

The piece of writing that I am thinking about submitting is part of the on going story I am working on. It’s a scary thought. To submit something for the consideration of others is daunting.

this is what I was thinking as I was considering my option. But the thing is as I was debating whether or not to submit I suddenly realised that this is what I intend to do anyway.

Is this not how for years authors have been published? Or not in a lot of cases. I had to think about what was going through my mind. I looked at the clock and saw that it was way-past-bed in the morning!

Ah, I thought, this is why you were thinking such silly thoughts because you are over tired.

Needless to say I did get some sleep and for once was not disturbed by a neighbours Christmas gift!

Yes, as per usual I was up way past the point when I should have been snoozing. Otherwise the scariness of submitting would never have entered by head.

Of course there will always be trepidation and I will be very scared when I submit my work to an agent (I really do hope I can get one) but in the end this is all part of the thrill of taking those first steps into the publishing world.

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