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Creating Worlds

February 11, 2012

One of the things I like about writing is creating worlds. I have an abundance of ideas and when I have a quiet moment I will work out ways in which to make these ideas work.

Creating worlds doesn’t only go for fantasy genres. Even in a present day setting there are elements of world creation. This is a thing that happens all the time.

On television, radio and film, and of course in books. The writer provides the key for the reader to open the door to the new world freshly created. In this way the reader can then sit back and relax while discovering a strange new world or one similar to our own.

There’s nothing like a pencil and paper for jotting down ideas while sketching out the backgrounds to these worlds.

Often the characters have already been wandering around my mind for some time. By the time I put pencil to paper I know them better than I know myself or my friends.

I know the world in which my characters inhabit. I know where they work what skills they have and their past histories.

All of these facts go a long way into making the story what it becomes. There are other elements which also help the process along too. But I find fleshing out the characters placing them on paper first gives me that first step on the road to completing their journey.


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