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Is That What’s Happening Now…Really?

February 3, 2012

After writing a paragraph in the Dark Fantasy story I’m writing, I suddenly noticed how it deviated wildly. It went into directions that should have been straightforward. Not going into a weird direction where the character is mistaken for a thief!

After erasing the section I sat back and wondered how this could have happened. I outline and know how a route of a story should go. This little offering I have just mentioned gave nothing to the story.

I kept thinking about this and then I noted the time, five in the morning. My mind had suddenly gone off on a tangent with no real user control.

This is where at times like these I need to take note and get some sleep. I could have gone on writing this tangent luckily, I realised what had happened and saved myself the agony of re-reading the paragraph back the next day and wondering what had happened.


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