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An Early Start

January 30, 2012

Its an unusually early start to the day for me. I’ve got a few deliveries which need to be sorted out. I’ve got to organise a few character notes and put those in separate files. then there’s the usual life stuff which basically means preparing for the other three projects which will occupy a lot of my time.

The only problem I have at the moment is being able to note down the stories that are in abundance. there’;s never dull day. The day I have no idea on how to tell a story is the day I will give up and collect butterflies.

Ideas have always been my strong point. granted that not always will the stories work but i may find a character that is good enough to develop further.

I’m the same with stories,, I immediately know if a story will work or not. Most other times there is a strong idea and after place a few notes I will often go from there.

But, yes, I have more ideas everyday that appeal to me for one reason or another. Having said that there also the days when I have another excellent idea but for some nagging reason will not work the way I want it too.

This is all part of the game and I never feel more alive than when that game is being played.


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